• Carole Kinlow

CEO Report-February 2020

Our Mission Carole's House of Hope provides transitional living for young women and mothers who have aged out of foster care or have become homeless.Our home-like environment, paired with innovative programs and services, encourages self-sufficiency and independence, promotes healing and ultimately restores hope.

Our Vision

To ignite hope in women and mothers and inspire them to discover their individual promise, purpose and power to influence their families, impact their communities and change their world.

Program Details

  • Women 19-26 and children to age 9

  • CHH 18-month program for women and mothers that have aged out of foster care or have become homeless.

  • 16 beds

  • 18-month program

  • $250 monthly fee includes: case management, room, bedding, therapy, 24-hour staff, variety of groups

  • Dollars saved and provided to participants to utilize towards move out expenses (w/9mth commitment)

Program Updates and Needs

  • Currently 14 women and 15 children

  • Completed 2020 AOP

  • No leadership staff changes-Program staff at full capacity

  • 2020 Financial Review is underway with Bland and Associates

  • Hired fulltime Jill Krelle, LMHP provisional to assist Gail Williams with behavioral health

Mission News

  • 2 Participants began working part time at CHH...

  • Have one participant that may be in our Aftercare “apartment” program


  • Sherwood $590,000

  • Lozier $40,000

  • Youth Jewish Giving $1,500(Decision will be March 22)

Applications to be submitted

  • Hawks $40,000

  • First National $10,000

  • Olson $35,000

Grants approved/denied

  • Weitz 20,000-Approved...to receive in May

  • Kim Foundation $25,000...received in January

Property Updates

  • Received an additional check for $56,807 for roof and a/c repairs-awaiting meeting date with Children’s. Roofers will discuss remaining needs with insurance company. The amount paid is still about $100k short of bid.


​​Call us:

402-991-HOPE (4673)

​Find us: 

7815 Harney St.

Omaha, NE 68114

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