• Carole Kinlow

CEO Report-May 2019

Program Updates and Needs

  • Currently 9 participants 4 children 2 applications being reviewed

  • Four moms working towards re-unification

  • 2 participants working in transition (I relocating out of town, one to a townhome in West O) Grants

  • $450,000 granted from Sherwood-no conditions

  • $20,000 received from Weitz

  • Westerman Foundation submitted $50,000

  • Olson Foundation submitted $35,000

  • Daugherty, denied for $75,000 (not included in 2019 budget) we will try again in 2020

  • Still awaiting word from Hawks (email for more information May 31)

  • Awaiting Jaffee Award notification $100,000

  • Researching Anne E. Casey Foundation to fund the Ruth Project (see new goals)

New Goals

  • Completion of new Website

  • Aftercare Program in development

  • Ruth Project-before aging out program in development

Staff Updates

  • Penny relocating-will continue to work remotely

  • Will be adding a new staff member once Ruth Project funded

Property Updates

  • Severe hail damage to roof, main a/c unit, deck and possibly other smaller a/c units (insurance coverage...will affect the Restricted funds)

  • Miscellaneous

ZOOM - disregard

It is free for meetings up to 40 minutes and 100 users OR 14.99/month for unlimited meeting time (up to 24 hours) and 100 users at a time


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402-991-HOPE (4673)

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7815 Harney St.

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