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How Hope Changed My Life

"Before I came to Carole's House of Hope, I had a very long story indeed.  I was blessed by God and saved by grace after arriving to CHH. Mrs. Carole and her people were in place to help me.  Broken down spirit, the soul of the person I once was.  From the time I got to the safe house until now, 10/20/17, I have been loved, supported; not just with words, but with hugs and time to talk.  Everybody here has been so supportive, understanding and loving of me from on my way back from a very , very dark and lonely place.  I have got counseling and people were put in place that helped me report what had happened and gave me a sanctuary of rest where I could feel protected.  I don't have to worry about it once the doors are shut and I am just fine."

“Carole's House of Hope has helped me with driving classes, getting my learners permit and supporting me as a new mother.  They have helped me get connected with the right people to deal with my trauma.  They have really been a blessing in my life."

“I learned how to be responsible, to be on time, how to clean house, how to become a responsible person, how to save money and being at work everyday.  The staff are really nice, they are always there when you feel like talking to somebody, or when you feel happy and you just want to tell somebody how you feel."

“I was born in Puerto Rico.  I married the man of my dreams when I was 19 years old and we moved to the United States in 2011. We had two beautiful children.  Slowly, my relationship began to change and I found myself in a world of anger, pain and violence....and alone. I was isolated from the world, without family or support.  I moved to Carole's House of Hope seeking stability, peace, support and a better life for myself and my children.  I began to heal and I found my smile again.  Carole believed in me when I didn't always believe in myself.  I gained employment with Caroles's House of Hope in 2014.  Now, I inspire others.  

We are strong.  We are happy. This is our legacy."

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